Ace Gangster 4

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Ace Gangster 4 In search of a better life and a new Ace Gangster 4 job, you come to the next town. Mad Alley City promises a lot of interesting adventures, so do not sit around start their first mission, and make new acquaintances. To begin with, an old friend offered his assistance, so you will need to get to his office. In general, these tasks when you need to find a specific place, to deliver some goods, well, deal with all the obstacles and problems that may arise along the way - that they will be the most. In fact, you were not always interested in doing what some common things, and no higher education. You always deliberately lean toward the dark, and sinned different dirty work, turning them with friends. Now it's time to do this sort of thing seriously. As a young gangster, little you embarrass yourself any decency, and the more laws. So what you are doing everything you want, as long as it does not threaten you put behind bars, or be killed. Perform tasks given boss, gradually develop, collect the money and experience. Perhaps, very soon you yourself turn into a mafia boss, getting rid of the competition, and to seize the whole town.