Army Parking

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Army Parking Both plenty levellin as well as a real application soldier car parking game ... \"Tank use it is not an easy task, but I do,\" says If this game is for you. \"Start\" button, which will come out after you log into the game and the \"target point\" by fields shows the destination you need to park. Time constraints are not the only important point in this game, the upper part of \"life\" text shown with your right to make mistakes. This game will automatically accept you fail the bar is full, but you need not fear the \"play again\" button, you can start the game again. In contrast, whenever the park every successful you will be taken to the next step automatically. Your success in the new phase that came as a result is expected to be at least one other so attentive. All the navigation keys, making them ready to help you if you duty to be careful enough to turn every possibility advantage. Good games.