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Car Transporter We know the car will be one of our games you really love the game of transportation. It is a game of skill and balance from you, and strong instincts, it\'s a beautiful game who want both reflexes and concentration. If you use your car carriers will be a little hard to actually tell it first. The arrow keys on your keyboard so you can take advantage of the other name of the control key. At the same time also another option for the left-handed ones, S, D, W to use the letter keys. We will also explain how you will use your mouse now. You will receive the car from the garage with the help of your mouse on it a bit difficult because the cars are very, very moving. Will put them back after receiving carrier and take you to places you need to go. The hardest part of putting the car, the more there is no difference, just like any other race car driving almost. We wish you good luck.