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Clean Green City Neighborhoods with garbage collection Garbage Truck game is a very colorful game. Staff working in the garbage truck; The visiting one by one all the streets of the city, they collect all the garbage bags on the road. Which is very important in this task must be to allow the quick and mess contamination. New task set for you, you\'ll have to handle the garbage truck. When you open the screen, you will be able to see all the streets and houses of the city. You need to do; in the street going to the side of people who trash, collect their trash. On the place related to this will be enough to press mousl. You can easily make this motion, you will see the garbage truck that went there. At the same time for a few people can call you, do not forget that you must be very energetic. If you do not rush to collect garbage in the city, we would like to remind you wrap each side of the garbage smell. Already come easy to you all.