Dead Paradise 2

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Dead Paradise 2 Police chase with a very dangerous adventure filled with challenges, you come to our friends loving cop game. This game will pass in time and events will be in the future and all of humanity, unfortunately, is under threat. To eliminate this danger if you found you appointed as a police officer. You umudus last the rest of humanity, and if you help one to this super car filled with armor and weapons. Police will work for humanity at this time. The incoming enemies in front of you or behind you, scroll to Tasks way to defuse would be to eliminate it. Thus, the finish that you will come to the end of a stage by reaching the end point and a total of 24 levels available. You can use the keyboard arrow keys in your vehicle. Besides this tool to move the arms Z and X keys can be used to launch rockets. We hope you had a good time playing this game us. We wish you good games and good luck.