Desi Auto

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Desi Auto Antique Car Race game is a game that regulate a particular race race race lovers gather the race of vintage cars. Games you will have an antique car and be able to compete with other cars. Initially, you can log in to the game and you can start typing your name in the competition. Should pay attention to turning on the race track and you should do your best to lose your vehicle\'s speed. Because you will be given a time to reach the finish line and never reach the finish line during this time you will have lost the race you are. Your time you reach the finish line for each race will be very round again. When the race was over by superior to the other car you can reach the highest score. Good games. How to Play? Antique Car Racing game in control of your car with the arrow keys or WASD keys can provide. You must complete the round in the time given to you from making mistakes.