Laser Racers

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Laser Racers Laser Racers is a great 3D racing game. This cool racing action occurs with many challenging levels you will have to drive the car and other crazy futuristic laser tool. Racers 3D racing super powerful laser control race car and will have to use their best skills to win. Good luck and fast drivers. Future steps and accept the challenge to read the laser car challenge gravity! Doing their best, brilliant, sci-fi background, at top speed, there are races other futuristic vehicles for you to block or remove you in this competition, one of this 3D car racing game is necessary for turning the \"ingredients\" which is the most addictive ever I\'ve enjoyed! If you can reach out and do not get distracted by the best mind-blowing speed to control the laser tool, leaving behind all other lasers road racers, to avoid all obstacles and collect money!