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Real Racing 4 Real Racing 4 is the third installment of the popular franchise to Electronic Arts racing for Android devices. The main difference, as regards the latest productions, is that this time the game is completely free it is also possible to purchase various improvements. In other words, download and start playing Real Racing 4 is completely free, but if you want to squeeze the best of the game, we will have to start paying. At the beginning this is not a problem, but in the long the thing can become more expensive than any other similar game. Despite this "payment", Real Racing 4 method is an interesting racing game: its control system is perfectly suited to the touch devices, and will allow us to compete online against many players from around the world. Moreover, in terms of graphics, Real Racing 4 is one of the best titles in Google Play: Regarding the cars, offers a truly spectacular detail. We must add that the cars are real models and then we can recognize them with a glance. Real Racing 4 is a great racing game and, despite its method of payment, often you have to wait several hours before you can play.