San Francisco Skyscrapers Racing

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San Francisco Skyscrapers Racing We are sure a lot of yellow drive speed racing game legends game that you will like it and you want to play continuously .. you have this game so much as scrumptious and take your car the most important thing is great that a super cities such as San Francisco probably. Both will also take on top of this wonderful city in the city against the superb views of the city\'s skyscrapers such as not enough to be your great car. You must make your choice immediately start the game. You will use the arrow keys on your keyboard to use your car available in this game. A, S, D, W can also use. First it is not very easy to drive in the roof, unfortunately. Just because it\'s like a racetrack. You need to do too much to be careful. Not much to be ups and downs to be upside down, to fall, to roll, you should strive not to injure your vehicle. You must jump very high to get all of the gold. We wish you good luck. Take it easy!