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Super Mechs Hacked For every fan of Mechwarrior and enthusiastic hobbyists of battle robots, Super Mechs Hacked is just the right game. Build, fight and rule with your specially designed and equipped Bollids! Create a battle robot in SuperMechs hacked according to your ideas. Create the perfect machine with cool equipment and many extras you choose for them - arms, legs, torso, weapons and much more. After that, it goes to the arena and fight against numerous other players and their robots, now it's up to you to prove that you are the better tactician and stronger fighter.

Use your SuperMech hacked to challenge the robotic opponents in the arena and fight for fame and recognition against your friends and members from the GameAffe community! Check together what steel is the hardest and whose brain is the fastest. Become the champion of the Mech Warriors and the best fighter on. So tighten the screws and let your robot go!