Super Rally Challenge

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Super Rally Challenge Dirt road to car racing game on par with nature, our game you will be in a lush land, we will give you a special drive to do what we are very curious. Rally in the game with our friends prepared for the excitement of the fans, do not drop your speed. Unless you do that, all competing vehicles will be able to leave behind. Let's say you already come easy to you all. Pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard redirects your vehicle, try to go to the land area outside of the track field. When you record here, the car's speed will be reduced. To avoid experiencing such a situation, you do not get too close to the area outside of the track will be better. The stopwatch at the top of the screen, you will find the opportunity to see your time in the race. Without allowing an increase in this period of time, perform the completion of the course. We wish good luck to all of you in advance. Careful driving.