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Total Takedown Play monster games 3d highway, much of the heavy traffic and the speed of the car is ready for a very very long way to challenging adventure. In this game in many different office güzelilk great way to have to go to another point from a different point, quite a difficult task awaits you ... Of course, there are some tasks that await you in each of these journeys. Every vehicle in the traffic in the game where you can shoot an armed car. A racing game with 3D Highway against time should be hitting other cars while driving monster and you should leave it out of the area where you drive your car ... Unity 3D based with both the car and the race to develop your vehicle in the game can accommodate both in war category, ability to modify or buy a new chariot Finding your opportunity to receive. Also weapon you use in your vehicle tasks you perform laser, you may encounter in various ways, such as missiles. Whether fighting in the game, destroy the other tools you can proceed if you do not want to fight against the quickly scroll to escape from car accidents and other game you need to finish.