Tu 46

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Tu 46 TU 46 is an exciting flight simulation game, where you have to drive a four-engine turboprop aircraft and transport passengers from one airport to another. Take off from the runway, tuck the cart, and set the flaps to ensure a smooth flight; always keep an eye on the distance from the airport arrival and get ready to land at the right time. A descent too fast could cause an 'overspeed' and cause damage to veivolo and passengers. In landing also, make sure you have the flaps in the correct position and hit the ground again with the rear wheels. Each landing was successful you will earn money that you can use to buy upgrades for your plane. instructions for flying the plane use the arrow keys; I operated with the engines, with the F put and remove the flaps, with the G-driven cart. Use the SPACEBAR for failure to landing, and E to operate the extinguisher. Finally, to accelerate and decelerate the press Z.