Wheely 2

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Wheely 2 Red Car Wheely 2 the hero with two cute Wheely 2 in adventure continues where it left off. Awaiting sale in the gallery Wheely bored and decides to flee, this time faced with the love of his life. What do you say to help her to find love with pink Wheely 2 the car he saw on the way? Part obstacles in front of you, through the boxes and other tools to restore Wheely 2 pink car. Come learn with us on this fun adventure with him and take the first steps in this partnership, which will last forever. Red Car Wheely 2 from this fun skill game is played with the mouse. In order to clarify the sake of charming hero Wheely 2 chapter in life with the help of mouse you are given the tools and materials you can use any way you want. Wheely moves and stops when you click with the left mouse button is over. Good luck!